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LIFE ...

BITS, Pilani

A gift did god give everyone,
To love and share it with someone.
Hardly does man have time to realize it but
Sadly does he lose his life before it.
Man yearns for love from birth but
He destroys the feeling before death.
Earthquakes are there to shake buildings but
How thoughtless he may be ...
So as to aim for buildings with aeroplanes.
Lives so precious are lost and the question of
What is life becomes a thought!
Life as such poses a threat and
It is but with trust that we continue ...
Life is a great treaure, to live it
For sure is to enjoy a high pleasure.
Let all of us have the satisfaction of
Leaving behind a inspiration for
All our future generation!
To really mean the life which we are given
A chance to live but once and hence
Let us cherish this wonderful gift and
Give it as a present to mankind thus
Preserving the true essence of it and
Never let it to perish!

pearly gates